Survival and Creative Freebuild Minecraft server.

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Our Server

The YEAHWHAT?! server is a small creative and survival minecraft community.

The server runs the fantastic Spigot server wrapper which includes many plugins used for land ownership, economy, and anti-grief, as well as new commands and features.

Gameplay wise, the server includes 4 main worlds: a survival economy world, a creative freebuild and plot lands, a world dedicated for Mobarenas and a SkyBlock world where you can start your own island.

We also run a Pixelmon server, take a look below!

Our team of active staff members is regularly in-game to assist you.

How to join?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. Join us at You must be 14 or up. Take a little tour on the server and make sure you’ve read our /rules. After that, you can apply here. A Moderator will review your application shortly. You can find a list of Moderators who are able to give out permissions here.

Have a try!

Join our server and take a look!

Main server

EU gateway: Online

US gateway: Offline